Mabolashi 馬博拉斯 by Petr

Day 1: 33km/2700m 8:15 (Strava)
Day 2: 31.5km/3250m 12:30 (Strava)
Day 3: 49km/1350m (-4300m) 11:00 (Strava)

I have lot on mind and lot observation from my recent trip in Mabolashi 馬博拉斯. This time was not about crazy single day attack, but about choice of gear to be comfortable, safe and still be fast several days in high mountains of Taiwan. I learn lot.

I will skip talk a bout trip itself but focus on GEAR. I prepared for 4-5 days with sleeping in mountain cottages (no need tent). Cooking meals. Having all safety gear or even more (bivy, two GPS, two headlamps,…) All on me was sub 10kg, include shoes, liquids and 2.5kg of food when I start.

The choice of equipment may be much better or different for another persons need. I felt safe with this combination of gear. Any gear can be substituted by lighter and better, but most probably much more expensive.

T8, Fenix, Coros and Beast shirt gear can find in Beast Shop

GEAR (on picture missing: one long sleeve, red light jacket, gloves, shoes, two soft flasks, food)
FOOD (2.5kg for 4-5 days)

Comments after

plan 4 days in mountains with sleeping in cottages. Final plan was 3 days and 2 nights.

    1. wet shoes, solution be tough, take spare sock, wool sock, water proof socks?
    2. should have waterproof over-gloves (used to sell in Decathlon, very light). Having medical gloves is not so convenient for longer trips, but perfect for safety kit if need
    3. take lighter or two, I had tinder, but it is wasting use it on gas. I just did not trust cheap lighters. Magnesium tinder is useful if you need make real fire.
    • BIVY: due limited space in bag I had to decide take BIVY (water proof sleeping bag) or warm jacket. Take bivy make mountain trip safer, in case of accident can keep body dry, warm jacket will not help if rain. Instead warm jacket I took two long sleeves shirt, one for moving, one for sleeping. If sleep in cottage no need warm jacket.
    • GAITER: have very light running gaiters. If expect more bamboo or grass will take hiking gaiters.
    • COOKING: cooking is awesome. I never did before, but if I plan mountain with more than 1 night I will take cooker. Small stove is very good, just need be careful for stability. Count 10g of gas per half litter of cooking seems fine.
    • food, calories are heavy. This I will need study more. Seems 600g of food was enough per day. Instant noodles are fine, but take so much space
    • T8 underwear and shorts and Beast shirt are perfect. Dry, no need basically change,
    • did not take POLES. They can be helpful on long uphills. But I think use them on very technical sections is danger and slow.
    • if you take public transportation after prepare extra T-shirt and buy slippers in town and pack your stinky shoes in bag
    • Decathlon inflatable mat is still not so light but for that $ is awesome.
    • Decathlon waterproof pant are actually lighter and much cheaper from my TNF waterproof pants, just the waterproof performance is lower but I did not notice that.
    • Gas bomb could be 100g for 3-4nights, but it is more expensive than 230G bomb.
    • Power bank could be bigger for longer trips, but for me is primary for charging GPS watch which I used for navigation. Phone is in airplane regime and off for night. There could be trick have battery devices in sleeping bag to not lost their capacity in cold nights.
Mabaloshi crossing