RUNIVORE Pea Protein

Runivore Pea Protein Isolate is suitable for vegans and vegetarians as well as those that are sensitive to gluten and dairy-based products. With no artificial additives, each serving of 30g contains 25g of complete protein with BCAA, making it an ideal recovery supplement.


RUNIVORE 豌豆分離蛋白適合素食者與對乳製品和麩質過敏的人,完全無添加人工化學原料。每份 30 克就包含 25 克的蛋白質,更富含 BCAA,建議鍛鍊後修復食用。


1 bag = 500g = 599NTD

2 bags = 2x500g = 999NTD (save 20%)… Read More

RUNIVORE Superfood Bites (Box of 15)

Runivore popular Superfood energy bar now comes in a more runner friendly format – in BITE size format.

Runivore推出了更適合跑者隨身攜帶的能量棒 – Runivore 能量 Bites!… Read More

mix T-shirt Beast Runners + FT buff

• Free Shipping in Taiwan for Orders Over 1200NTD
• Free Shipping in East Asia for Orders Over 2500NTD (Japan, China, Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore,…).
• Free shipping worldwide for Orders Over 4000NTD.
• 訂購滿台幣1200元,免運費。
• 亞洲區訂購滿2500元(日本,含大陸,澳門,香港,新加坡…),免運費。
• 海外訂購滿4000元,免運費。… Read More

Beast Nail Clipper set

Cut your Beast nails:

  • Nail Clipper big – straight blade (good for toenails)
  • Nail Clipper small – round blade (good for fingernails)
  • Nail File (good for fine finishing)
  • All in metal case

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