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  • Garmin USB charger adapter set

    • 3pcs Connector SET
      • Type-C3.1 male to male connector
      • USB3.0 A to Type-C male adapter
      • Type-C female to for GARMIN charging adapter:
    • Petr`s comments:
    • Garmin charger and USB-C male to male connector weight together less than 6 grams!
    • For multiple days mountains trips can works as backup for charging Garmin GPS watch (Fenix 7X) or any electronic with USB-C (smartphone, headlamp, action camera, inReach mini2, bluetooth headphones) when you arrive camp (for charging during moving still recomend use short USB cable).
    • Type-C 3.1 male to male connector work great with NITECORE NB10000 powerbank (switch to low current mode for full charge of your GPS watch).
    • USB3.0 A (standard USB) to Type-C male adapter works perefectly with any older power bank (wihtout USB-C) or USB on electronics.
    • Always be sure you take proper set adapters for charging your electronics and test it before departure!!!