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RUNIVORE Superfood BAR (Box of 10)


RUNIVORE Protein bars at special price – Note November 20 expiry 700ND (890NTD)

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XTERRA x RUNIVORE Mighty Banana Protein Bar

Mightiest of foods for real recovery

Co-developed with XTERRA, the world’s leading outdoor and endurance sports company. The ultimate post-workout treat following the 3:1 golden ratio for recovery (carb:protein). Packed with additional superfoods to deliver a well-rounded protein bar.
10g of highly absorbable, complete protein. 580mg of Omega-3. 100% vegan-friendly. Gluten-free. Natural, delicious, and powerful – the best of three worlds.

與 XTERRA 國際知名耐力與戶外運動公司共同研發,這是運動後的極佳恢復補給。恢復所需的營養黃金比例 3:1 (碳水化合物:蛋白質)是配方的基礎,更富含許多超級食物,是一條全方位的高蛋白棒。

Runivore Coffee Cacao Superfood Bar

The deliciousness and power of chia, cacao and coffee

Runivore Coffee Cacao Esspress Superfood bar was designed to give your workouts or races a little kick with a caffeine boost of 56 mg. Flavor wise the bar is quite similar to premium dark chocolates with a distinct bittersweet flavor.

The bar stays true to our philosophy of mother nature doing the heavy lifting and us carefully combining whole foods ingredients into a tasty superfood bar. The bar remains 100% vegan and we’ve updated our recipe so that it is also now gluten free.

Runivore 咖啡可可子能量棒 – 含有香濃咖啡與美味可可子的運動能量棒
我們包裝上所說的「Real Food Inside」 , 含義就是以真正的天然食物為食材,成份中並沒有聽都沒聽過,也很繞口的化學成份。
含有濃郁的咖啡(56 毫克咖啡因)與可可子碎粒。加上優質黑巧克力般獨特的苦味和香氣,運動過程中食用會帶給你好心情!


Runivore Mega Matcha Superfood bar

has a delicious, mellow green tea taste combined with the surprise hit of dried mango plus a 42mg boost of caffeine.
Like all Runivore Superfood bars, Mega Matcha is 100% vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and is natural, tasty and powerful – the best of three worlds.
Here’s what’s inside: Maltose (binder), Dates, Almonds, Cashews, Runivore Chia Seeds, Gluten-Free Oats, Mango, Raisins, Dried Cranberries, Matcha Powder, Salt

Runivore 甘甜抹茶能量棒 – 茶香的魅力
我們包裝上所說的「Real Food Inside」 , 含義就是以真正的天然食物為食材,成份中並沒有聽都沒聽過,也很繞口的化學成份。
Runivore 甘甜抹茶能量棒擁有美味,醇厚的綠茶口味,加上芒果乾驚喜口感,以及 42 毫克咖啡因。如同所有 Runivore 的能量棒,甘甜抹茶能量棒是 100% 全素食、無膚質,集結天然、美味、強大於一身。


Runivore Zesty Orange Superfood bar

is a refreshing energy bar. Designed around an apricot base, the Zesty Orange Superfood Bar is packed with cranberries, cashew nuts, pumpkin, sunflower and chia seeds. Orange zest offers an energizing zing to get you moving and power you through your run, workout, or busy day!
The bar remains 100% vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and is natural, tasty and powerful – the best of three worlds.
Here’s what’s inside: Maltose (binder), Dried Apricots, Runivore Chia Seeds, Runivore Gluten-Free Oats, Cashews, Dates, Raisins, Dried Cranberries, Coconut Powder, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Orange Zest, Salt

Runivore 橙香杏子能量棒 – 清爽的香橙杏子口味
我們包裝上所說的「Real Food Inside」 , 含義就是以真正的天然食物為食材,成份中並沒有聽都沒聽過,也很繞口的化學成份。
Runivore 橙香杏子能量棒是輕量、甘甜的運動補給。橙香杏子能量棒採用杏子作為基底,配合橙皮、蔓越莓乾、腰果、南瓜子、葵花子和奇亞子。


Runivore Chia & Dates Superfood Bar

Mother Nature did the heavy lifting, we just combined tasty foods into an awesome bar
For many runners, fueling for race and training runs equals cramming down chemically engineered gels and tough-to-swallow bars on race day. That doesn’t have to be the case.
RUNIVORE, now presents the Chia & Dates Superfood Bar, an energy bar that is natural, tasty and powerful – the best of three worlds.

RUNIVORE 原味椰棗量棒 – 大自然扮演舉足輕重的角色,我們僅將這些美味的食材集結製成驚豔的能量棒量
我們包裝上所說的「Real Food Inside」 , 含義就是以真正的天然食物為食材,成份中並沒有聽都沒聽過,也很繞口的化學成份。
RUNIVORE 原味椰棗包含了奇亞子、椰棗乾、燕麥、杏仁果、蔓越莓乾、南瓜子、葡萄乾、椰棗等食材。

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Box of 10 bars

Coffee Cacao, Mega Matcha, Zesty Orange, Chia & Dates, Mighty Banana Protein Bar