• “UP” from west to east 10.5km / 2400m D+ / 700m D-
    • the average hiker used to do “Down” east to west in a whole day (12h+) before maintaining. We expect hiking time can be several hours shorter (~8h)
  • for reference “UP” in 2017 Petr did in 7h but it was terrible trail condition

Lixing 力行 village – 馬烈霸 Ma Re Pa

Maintaining – third stage

  • cut trail from east 8.5km to 6km in one day
  • in same day walk down
  • if possible find more optimal way down from Meisongshan 梅松山 and mark it, record gpx
  • publish final map and course on this website

Maintaining – second stage
5th March 2019

  • Original Plan
    • cut from Hehuanshan Main Peak 合歡山主峰 to west
    • if possible do it in two days include descent (original plan was 3 days, but we may try our best) – had to escape in first day due bad weather (cold wave, strong winds and hailstone)
    • night around 8km or in ideal case on 6.5k in camp site
    • try to find and mark a new assent from the West to Meisongshan梅松山 on ridge in forest (current way between 2.5 – 4km was chosen by hikers and it is not optimal)
    • wish us good luck
    • current progress – 2km from Hehuanshan 合歡山 are well cut, middle section still needs at least one more day
Current situation: On 2019/3/5 we were able cut just two kilometers from the east

Maintaining – first stage
9-10-11th January 2019

  • from west to east

Trip 15/12/2017 (Petr “UP”)