Wolong Dong Cave (臥龍洞) was big surprise for us. We discovered it during Covid restriction in Taiwan because it is in our neighborhood. We spent many days to searching for a connection over mountains, it was huge surprise there is connection through the mountains. There is not much recorded about this cave and its Wolong Ancient trail (臥龍洞步道) which used to connect Puli with southern settlements 南村 on the other side of the mountains towards Taomi 桃米 village.

The trail is actually a creekbed. It was abandoned for more than 40 years, and there is actually a stone marker on the Puli side entry. Local elderly residents claim that it could be even 200 years old, and it was used by ancestors a long time before roads and cars were common in Taiwan.

The cave itself is in the highest point of the course. Through the cave is connection to another side and there is no need climb to the steep ridge above. Creeks on both sides are around 1.5km long and it was difficult to walk due obstacles as bamboo, branches and weed and boulders in the stream.
The trail on Puli side starts approximately in 430m above sea level, cave it self is around 590m and south entry around 470m where also small temple is situated (宮), these small temples were usually build on roads for good luck which confirms it was historically used by locals.

Wolong cave 臥龍洞 is dark, long and with hundreds of bats. It is spectacular and for first timers scary. That’s why it also has another name: Mystery hole 神秘洞. Some sources say there could be hidden treasure during Japanese occupation to add more mysterious history. It is over 30m long with an incline and lower part may have running water even during even during dry days. The cave is curved and not from any place in cave can see both exits which makes it very dark. It is a very tall cave with many bats on the ceiling and their excrements on the ground which makes strong odor in the middle of cave. The bats sleep during the day and only a few of them fly around, it is better to not shine flashligh directly to them. Upper side exit may look like the shape of Taiwan island and leads to a ditch where you need climb little bit more for highest saddle. Lower entry is in deep creek chasm and sides may not be stable, do not stay or wait outside of entry. Inside of the cave are two or three high steps, please be gentle when you step on stones or touch walls of cave. Headlamp is necessary.

Beast Runners recently (September 2021) refreshed and removed most of branches in creek on both side and it is much easier to walk on, but still very challenging for average hiker. Please be careful if you would like visit it. There are not currently any visible ribbons or marking. Despite it takes 35minutes for Petr, average hiker need count with at least 2 hours for one way. Please feel free to contact us for any information via email info@beast.run. for any information via email info@beast.run.

South part of mountains has small monastery and also Guangfu temple 廣福宮 which is very unique for its tree which has huge tree crown covering most of the temple yard and road crossroad. Nearby is also YuMenGuan waterfall 玉門關瀑布 which is a pass in river. Upstream from Yumenguan is suitable for walking and enjoying water. The pass itself is very attractive but water in it may be dangerous for those who are not experienced, please be careful. In the same valley are several camp sites and it could be nice stay there. Next 6km on road to east in small tourist village Taomi 桃米 with Paper dome  紙教堂, 巧克力夢想城堡 Cona’s Chocolate Castle and our favourite Porcinella pizzeria 波奇尼拉義式屋.

North entry (Puli side)

South Entry