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BEANIE 跑山獸 Formosa Trail edition by OTSO

BEANIE 跑山獸 Formosa Trail edition by OTSO

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  • OTSO 的輕薄保暖帽它們非常適合冷天使用,可用於跑步、散步、山地滑雪……,在寒冷的日子裡的所有戶外活動,我們需要保護頭部和耳朵免受低溫影響,同時還要在運動大量流汗後能保持頭部始終乾爽無汗。 OTSO 輕薄保暖帽的面料是萊卡運動布料和聚酯纖維的完美結合,具有保護和透氣性,戴起來非常舒服。
  • 這頂與跑山獸最知名的福爾摩沙古道專屬的聯名帽款,把福爾摩沙系列的圖騰設計與OTSO 輕薄保暖帽做了最巧妙的設計結合。
  • 對於所有喜愛跑山獸福爾摩沙古道或是設計的人,這頂結合了舒適跟質量的輕薄保暖帽是天冷時戶外活動最亮眼的搭配。


  • 完全在歐盟製造
  • 85% 聚酯纖維,15% 萊卡運動布料
  • 體溫調節
  • 透氣排汗
  • 通風
  • 快乾
  • one size fit most



The hats of OTSO They are ideal in cold weather and can be used for running, walking, mountain skiing,…, for all those outdoor activities during cold days when we need to protect our head and ears from low temperatures, but at the same time we need a good perspiration to keep the head always dry and without sweat. The fabric is a mixture of lycrasport and polyester, a perfect combination to ensure protection and breathability.


  • Made entirely in the European Union
  • Thermoregulation
  • 100% Breathable
  • Sweat transport
  • Ventilation
  • 85% Polyester, 15% Lycra Sport
  • one size fit most

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