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Wallet Hanchor MICA Formosa Trail edition

Wallet Hanchor MICA Formosa Trail edition

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MICA is a small wallet sized for your changes, folded cash, and cards. With its minimalist design and cumstom color options, MICA goes well with different styles and fashion.

Formosa Trail by Beast Runners 跑山獸 limited edition.

  • Main fabric is X-Pac VX21, a laminated fabric (200d nylon + black polyester x-ply at 22 + 0.25mil PET film +50d polyester taffeta backing) resulting in outstanding waterproofness and shearing strength for its weight
  • Adopt YKK  water resistant zipper
  • Shipped with carrying cord
  • Weight: 9g (Including shoulder string: 14g)
  • Dimension: 10.5cm*8cm
  • Material: X-Pac
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