TORNADO 跑山獸疾行背心背包 - 早鳥組合

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TORNADO 跑山獸疾行背心背包
Size: Hanchor TORNADO S
跑山獸 700ml 軟水壺
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The circumference of the lower ribs is around / 適合肋骨下圍度
Size-S : 66cm ~ 78cm ( 26"~31")
Size-M : 78cm ~ 94cm (31"~37")

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    BEAST Runners 跑山獸

    限定優惠!5/15~6/15 早鳥期間訂購加贈跑山獸軟水壺700mL*1 。早鳥優惠數量有限,售完為止

    Limited offer! 5/15~6/15 If you order during the early bird period, you will receive a free 700ml Beast Soft Flask 700ml (1pcs). Early bird discounts are available while supplies last

    TORNADO 跑山獸 Beast Vest Pack 疾行登山背心背包

    TORNADO is a limited-edition product jointly branded by HANCHOR and  跑山獸 Beast Runners. The design is customized for Taiwan's mountainous terrain, providing the most stable carrying experience and immediate access to supplies.
    This backpack is part of the HANCHOR Speed series and made of lightweight, breathable mesh. It provides a vest-like and close-fitting carrying experience. With a 14-32L elastic capacity, this mountaineering backpack provides an immediate drinking water supply while ensuring the stability of rapid movement for single- to multi-day trips.
    TORNADO 越野疾行系列疾行登山背心背包為 HANCHOR X 跑山獸聯名限定款,針對台灣疾行登山環境需求量身打造設計,給你最穩定的背負與最即時的補給。
    TORNADO - HANCHOR X 跑山獸聯名限定款,越野疾行系列登山背心背包,採用輕量透氣網布材質打造背心式貼身背負感受,提供 14-32L 彈性容量與最即時的補給、飲水,同時給予快速移動的穩定性,完美勝任單日到多天數登山行程的最佳夥伴。

    Vest style carrying system 背心式背負系統

    This product is designed using a lightweight and breathable mesh material, which creates a close-fitting vest-style carrying system. It is available in two sizes - M and S. The quick-adjustable three-stage elastic sternum strings provide stability during intense running. You can quickly adjust the tightness according to the situation, giving you the best carrying condition.
    * Please refer to the below photo for instructions on how to hook the elastic sternum strings without getting the cord locks stuck.
    As the backpack can hold more than 30L, a detachable one-inch belt is provided for comfortable carrying, even with a heavy load.
    採用輕量透氣網布材質貼身打造背心式背負系統,共有 M、S 兩個尺寸,胸前快調三段式彈性胸扣提供劇烈跑動下需要的穩定度,能夠依照狀況迅速做鬆緊的調整,隨時給予最佳的背負狀態。
    * 胸扣調整建議將扣具端留在原側 (如下圖所示),會比較方便隨時做鬆緊調整,且不容易卡到扣具。
    由於背包的極限容量設定超過 30L,另外提供可卸式的一吋腰帶作為背負輔助,裝載較多的時候亦能夠有舒適的背負體驗。

    Petr Novotny

    跑山獸 Beast Runners
    • 防水材質抗候設計主艙空間
    • 輕量透氣網布打造背心式背負系統
    • 多功能可卸式 MPad 睡墊背板
    • 快調三段式彈性繩式胸扣
    • 前方彈性網布口袋 / 左右雙通快取彈性口袋
    • 前方拉鍊夾層口袋 / inReach 專屬肩前收納
    • 肩前軟水壺快取收納 / 肩前快取彈性網布口袋
    • 水袋專屬收納空間  / 水管走線設置
    • 底部快取隱藏口袋 / 外掛彈性繩網
    • 捲收式開口彈性容量 / 側邊壓縮設計
    • 登山杖肩前外掛機能



    • Size-S尺寸: 適合肋骨下圍度 66cm ~ 78cm ( 26吋~31吋)
    • Size-M尺寸:適合肋骨下圍度 78cm ~ 94cm (31吋~37吋)


    • 包身: 492g M size, 482g S size
    • 腰帶: 42g
    • Mpad: 110g
    • 最大重量: <650g

    尺寸 材質:

    • 14L-32L (視捲收程度而定)
    • 材質: 100D Nylon PC抗刮耐磨耐水解塗層 (防水2000mmH2O)


    • 可卸式一吋腰帶
    • 14L-32L (Adjust the volume with roll top mechanism)
    • Weatherproof construction for the main compartment
    • Breathable mesh fabrics for ventilated vest frame
    • Removable Mpad Foldable Sleeping Pad (88cm x 38cm x 5mm, folded 4x to 22x38x2cm, * R-value(US) =0.72 )
    • Three stages of elastic sternum strings for a quick and adaptive fit
    • Rear stretch-mesh pocket/ Side pocket spans from left to right
    • Rear zipper pocket / Exclusive pouch for inRreach 
    • Shoulder strap pockets for soft flasks and mobile phones
    • Independent compartment for water bladder/ hydration port for water tube
    • Bottom hidden pocket/ Outer bungee cord net
    • Roll Top Closure/ side compression strings
    • Drawcord bungee loops for attaching trekking poles

    Pack Size 

    • Size-S : The circumference of the lower ribs is around 66cm ~ 78cm ( 26"~31")
    • Size-M :The circumference of the lower ribs is around 78cm ~ 94cm (31"~37")


    • Pack Body: 492g M size, 482g S size
    • 1" Hipbelt: 42g 
    • Mpad: 110g

    Dimension and material:

    • 14L-32L (Adjust the volume with roll top mechanism)
    • Material: 100D Nylon PC Coating ripstop fabric (water proofness 2000 mmH2O , Hydrolysis and Scrubbing resistant)

    Accesories in package:

    • Removable webbing hipbelt (one inch wide)

    Comprehensive quick access and storage 全方位快取收納

    The vest-carrying system is designed to offer a stable and comfortable carrying experience. The shoulder strap pockets are elastic mesh, allowing quick and easy access to flasks, energy bars, and mobile phones. This makes it a convenient option for storing and accessing small items whenever needed.
    • 適合收納軟水壺的肩前口袋亦有設置彈性束繩,可反繞加強固定,讓你迅速移動毫無後顧之憂。
    • 為防止物品於激烈跑動時掉出,口袋內裡有設計一層隱藏的上蓋擋片,將其蓋住手機上緣,可完美固定手機於口袋內。
    • 肩部上緣的位置則是設計 inReach 專屬的收納口袋,讓你保持聯繫不中斷,安全而且更方便記錄 ( 背部的通道亦可作為水管水線 )。
    • 兩側腋下位置設計的彈性口袋,適合收納跑動中較少拿取的錢包、鑰匙、頭燈之類的物品,袋口亦有設計方便拿取的織帶環。
    • 包體前方設有拉鍊夾層口袋,可以妥善收納行進間沒有拿取需求的個人私物。
    • 彈性網布製作的大網袋則適合收納帽子、風雨衣這類體積較大有可能帶有水氣,卻又需要隨時因應環境狀況使用的裝備。
    • 兩側除了收納一般的水瓶,左右雙通快取的特別設計,也能將頭燈、濾水器或是任何行進間可能拿取的裝備收納其中,不用擔心行進間掉落卻同時不用下背包即可拿取。
    • 底部亦利用彈性網布設計隱藏快取口袋,適合收納一般 600ml 的寶特瓶隨時補水、或是其他行進間可能需要拿取的物品。
    • 如果是習慣水袋的使用者,TORNADO 包款亦設有水袋專屬的收納空間,搭配側邊開口與走線,同樣能夠提供最即時的飲水補給。
    • The shoulder strap pockets are equipped with elastic drawstrings that can be tightened to secure flasks during fast movements.
    • In order to secure the phone in the pocket during intense running, a hidden top cover is designed to cover the upper edge of the phone.
    • The upper side of the shoulder strap features an exclusive inReach storage pocket for convenient route tracking and reliable connectivity. (The back channel also accommodates a water tube.)
    • Under arm pockets are suitable for personal stuff which you least need while running. For example, keys, money, head lamp and etc. Webbing loops on the top to help access inner stuff.
    • The rear zipper pocket is ideal for all kinds of small stuff. Adopts YKK water-resistant zipper. 
    • Some items like hats and raincoats that may contain moisture can be stored in elastic mesh bags, making them easy to access in response to environmental conditions.
    • The side stretch-mesh pocket spans from left to right, providing ample space for organizing personal belongings. You can store water bottles on either side, and the space between them is perfect for quick access to small items like headlamps, water purifiers, or other stuff.
    • You can store a 600ml water bottle in the bottom stretch-mesh pocket or any other stuff.
    • Independent compartment for a water bladder and hydration port for a water tube. Keep you hydrated during your entire adventure.

    Equipped with plug-in functions 裝備外掛機能

    Using Hook and 62cm Strap with Carabiner (optional purchase) and the webbing on TORNADO, you can quickly attach various equipment, such as a helmet, and have more diverse carrying functions.
    If you have a folding trekking pole, you can quickly secure it using the webbing loop and buckle on the shoulder strap. This allows you to adapt to changes in terrain as needed.
    運用包身的織帶環設計,搭配 外掛捆紮帶組62cm+鋁合金輕量 (可選購買) 即可迅速外掛頭盔等各式裝備,擁有更多元的背負機能。
    若有攜帶摺疊式登山杖,可以利用肩帶上的繩環扣具即時固定, 隨時因為地形做出不同應變。
    Nullam aliquet

    Hook and 62cm Strap with Carabiner

    Hook and 62cm Strap with Carabiner (optional)
    add +160NTD
    1. 將摺疊完成之登山杖底部置入背帶下緣彈性繩 (可依狀況調整彈性繩鬆緊 )
    2. 登山杖杖頂套入肩帶上緣側邊彈性繩。
    3. 另一側依照同樣順序完成。
    1. Insert the bottom of the folded trekking pole into the elastic cord at the strap's lower edge. (The elastic cord can be adjusted as per your requirement.)
    2. Place the top of the trekking pole into the elastic rope on the upper side of the shoulder strap.
    3. Repeat the same process for the other side.

    (選購)外掛捆紮帶組62cm+鋁合金輕量 (optional) Hook and 62cm Strap + carabiner

    attach helmet or small item to pack
    (選購) 可將頭盔或小物品固定

    Roll-up elastic capacity 捲收式彈性容量

    With its roll-top closure and side compression strings, TORNADO can be easily adjusted from 14L to 32L.
    The backpack features a separate compartment for the Mpad-Foldable Sleeping Pad (88cm x 38cm x 5mm, folded 4 times, * R-value(US) =0.72 ) which can be used as a backpad support or half-body sleeping pad.
    捲收式上蓋設計搭載兩側雙向壓縮系統,搭配背心式的背負讓你輕鬆掌握背包重心,同時提供 14L~32L 範圍的容量彈性空間。
    包款設計獨立四摺式 M Pad 收納空間 (88cm x 38xm x 5mm, folded 4x),可增加背負時的支撐與緩衝,並可作為輕量化的半身睡墊使用。
    包款設計獨立四摺式 M Pad 收納空間

    包款設計獨立四摺式 M Pad 收納空間 ,可增加背負時的支撐與緩衝,並可作為輕量化的半身睡墊使用。

    • Mpad 輕量摺疊睡墊
    • 尺寸: 88cm x 38cm x 5mm
    • 折疊後呈扁長方體易於收納 22cm x 38cm x 2cm
    • 重量: 110g
    • R-value(US) =0.72
    • Mpad 採用環保無毒PE為材質
    • 搭配作為背板支撐

    The bag is designed with an independent four-fold M Pad storage space, which can increase support and cushioning when carrying, and can be used as a lightweight half-body sleeping pad.

    • Mpad-Foldable Sleeping Pad
    • dimension: 88cm x 38cm x 5mm
    • folded 4-times to size 22cm x 38cm x 2cm
    • weight: 110g
    • R-value(US) =0.72
    • Environment-friendly and nontoxic PE material
    • can be used as backpad support for frameless backpack

    Petr Novotny (跑山獸) functions wish-list

    TORNADO features were consulted with Petr